Saturday, June 15, 2013

Favorite YouTubers

I've been super worried that, as both my previous posts were quite depressing and hate-ridden, people would get the impression that I'm seeking sympathy and am very "woe-is-me". I wasn't intending to sound whiny and spoiled.

So, with that in mind, I've decided to write about something much lighter. Now, I have a tough time coming up with topics to write on in the first place, and as the majority of the topics I think up tend to be more on the negative side, coming up with something for this post was quite the challenge. With much thought and deliberation, I've decided to write about my favorite YouTubers.

I live on YouTube. I'm currently subscribed to 74 different channels, and am constantly discovering new ones (because of that, this list may not be accurate a week from now, but whatever). I definitely want to jump into the YouTube game sometime in the future, but who knows what my videos would be about. I love beauty, but also love the funny.

Okay, that was too long.

1. MichellePhan
          I am so in love with her. Michelle was the first YouTuber I subscribed to, and have been watching her long before I made my YouTube account. She's so refreshing and sweet, and I really her career continues to grow. A Michelle Phan meet-up was almost held in Salt Lake, and I was super bummed when that didn't work out. I'll meet her one day, I'm sure.

2. PsychoSoprano
          Colleen is my favorite. She's hilarious, smart, and beautiful, and I'm in love with her personality. I want to be best friends with her so bad.

3. NOVAQUA/JoshuaDTV/Kory Desoto
          I fell in love with the entire Ballinger clan shortly after discovering Colleen.

4. NigaHiga
          Cute and funny, perfect combination.

5. charismastar
          I discovered Charis through a video she did with Promise Phan (dope2111, who I also really like). She is gorgeous, as an amazing personality, and I love everything she stands for.

6. DailyGrace
          Her humor makes her so attractive, even though she already looks like a model.

7. mirandasings08

8. BreeEssrig

9. PopCultured (popTrigger)
          Watching popTrigger episodes are always highlights of my day.

10. CarliBel55

12. LaurenBeautyy

13. sWooZie

14. Paint

15. blogilates

16. cutepolish
          Even though all my attempts to recreate her tutorials very closely resemble art projects created by toddlers, I still love her.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

First (horribly written and confusing) Post

With summer vacation officially starting (although I've been out of school for a good three weeks now), I figure it's perfect timing to start blogging, which is a thing, apparently. 

There are tons of things for me to write about. My life is more complex than I make it seem, but I figure I can start with something that's been pretty prevalent in my life. 

Motivation has always been a significant problem for me. I've never really applied myself to anything, and have given up everything besides losing weight (I'm a particularly vain person, whatevs). Music has become nonexistent in my life, I never really challenge myself with any acting piece that I do, and I haven't opened my Rosetta Stone program in a good two years. My lack of motivation has caused my opportunity to study abroad my senior year to slip through my fingers, which has really taken a toll on me. I've wanted to study abroad for 6 years now, and as I don't plan to go to college anytime soon, that ship has sailed. 

I've come to the realization that other dreams I've had for years, childhood dreams that made me ecstatic and excited for the future, are unrealistic and need to be let go. Dreams of being a world-renowned actress and Grammy-award winning singer are laughable; I may desire these things and want them so passionately it physically hurts, but, as I have no motivation to change anything about myself other than my body fat percentage, these dreams need to be cut off. 

Lmao at how dismal and cliché that was. 

I'm done.