Thursday, June 6, 2013

First (horribly written and confusing) Post

With summer vacation officially starting (although I've been out of school for a good three weeks now), I figure it's perfect timing to start blogging, which is a thing, apparently. 

There are tons of things for me to write about. My life is more complex than I make it seem, but I figure I can start with something that's been pretty prevalent in my life. 

Motivation has always been a significant problem for me. I've never really applied myself to anything, and have given up everything besides losing weight (I'm a particularly vain person, whatevs). Music has become nonexistent in my life, I never really challenge myself with any acting piece that I do, and I haven't opened my Rosetta Stone program in a good two years. My lack of motivation has caused my opportunity to study abroad my senior year to slip through my fingers, which has really taken a toll on me. I've wanted to study abroad for 6 years now, and as I don't plan to go to college anytime soon, that ship has sailed. 

I've come to the realization that other dreams I've had for years, childhood dreams that made me ecstatic and excited for the future, are unrealistic and need to be let go. Dreams of being a world-renowned actress and Grammy-award winning singer are laughable; I may desire these things and want them so passionately it physically hurts, but, as I have no motivation to change anything about myself other than my body fat percentage, these dreams need to be cut off. 

Lmao at how dismal and cliché that was. 

I'm done. 


  1. You have a fan! I had major motivation problems, and it wasn't because I didn't want to apply myself, it's that I would overwhelmed myself. I set myself up for failure with the expectations I placed. Dreams do come true, and I've realized now more than ever that I CAN do anything. YOU can too. You're talented, gorgeous, so funny and personable! Let go of expectations and just spend each day following your bliss. If it excites you, go for it! I don't mean the big things, I mean every little thing. It's the little things that lead to greater things. Love your body. You've got a killer bod. Be your best friend.

  2. Don't give up on God. He loves you, and I love you. <3 ~Jeremiah 29:11
    Stay Strong!! :)