Monday, January 19, 2015

#22: Take a Yoga Class

101 in 1001

A big thing has been going on in my life that I've been too scared to really share much about. Long story short, I'm auditioning in New York City and California for colleges. Preparing for everything has been really time-consuming and frustrating, and I really wanted to de-stress myself the week before I left.

Someone I know from work invited me to try Bikram yoga with them, and I thought this would be a perfect thing to do. I've never really done yoga before, but I'd heard that it's really relaxing, which is what I was looking for.

I knew of the hot-aspect with Bikram yoga (you're in a room that's 90 to 104 degrees and 40% humidity), but holy shit I didn't think it would be so awful. You're sweating so much that you're leaving puddles everywhere, your skin is itchy, hairs, whether they're yours or foreign, are sticking all over you, and you're dizzy.

My heart was beating pretty rapidly, but I felt like I was cheating, in a way. I didn't feel like I was exercising at all, just stretching. Granted, I'm not that flexible right now, so that was somewhat of a challenge, but I didn't feel like I was pushing myself so much that it warranted my heart to beat faster than normal.

Plus, after you're done and you leave the room, you just feel disgusting; drenched with sweat, but also shivering because of the rapid drop in temperatures.

So no, I wouldn't say that this type of yoga necessarily helped me relax and de-stress for auditions. If anything, I was more stressed because I just felt so gross.

But, hey! I tried it.

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#21: Buy New Sneakers

101 in 1001

Still overwhelmed at the amount of things that I have to write about. Do you ever realize that you have a shit ton of stuff to do, and are so overwhelmed by that fact that your anxiety is like, "AVOID!" so you just try to push it to the side but then your anxiety is like, "YOU ARE SO BEHIND LOOK AT ALL THAT HAS TO GET DONE" and it's this never ending cycle of avoiding and then getting anxious about avoiding so you avoid that and it's about as fun as a tonsillectomy being done by puppets armed with rusty nails and scissors.


So, I didn't technically buy these. Just as I didn't technically buy my camera. But I'm still counting it, as I am still in the possession of new sneakers and that's all that matters to my cold, materialistic heart.

These were a gift from my brother for Christmas. He did well. Getting these was perfect timing, actually. Before these, I had two pairs of sneakers: one I've had for five years, and the others that were hand-me-downs from my brother (he only wore them for a few months, praise Jesus). I'm too cheap to justify spending upwards of 50 bucks on tennis shoes. But I'll gladly accept anything anyone is willing to give me!

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

#18.2: Make 10 DIY Projects; #20.1: Make 10 Projects from Pinterest

After making my advent calendar, I felt really festive and crafty and wanted to try something else. I scoured Pinterest, and saw lots of pins where people would hang their cards like this. I didn't follow a specific one, but rather just took the inspiration out of all of them. Here's how it turned out:

I actually made another one on the other window in our living room, but it was really sparse and full of cards from the bank and the dentist's office and others that were disgustingly hideous.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

I Read Some Books

101 in 1001    BuzzFeed's 21 Best YA Books of 2013

I read a lot of books (I am better than you!), and I'm praying to the literature gods that I'm not forgetting any.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: #15

"After his friend commits suicide, smart misfit Charlie is trying to learn to "participate" in life. He befriends a group of interesting older kids who introduce him to partying, but also respect his sensitivity. In letters that Charlie writes to an anonymous stranger, he talks about his family, his friends, and his complicated, often overwhelming, feelings about growing up. Eventually, his longtime crush tells him that he "can't just sit there and put everybody's life ahead of yours and think that counts as love," and he slowly learns to be present in his life."

My friend Jessica knows I read like a madwoman, so she lent this to me thinking I would like it.

I was a bit taken aback when I started reading this; the writing seemed juvenile, rigid and stiff. My immediate thought was "Wow, this is terrible." But then, I realized that this is how the writing was supposed to be; a 14 year old is writing these letters, I shouldn't be expecting Hemmingway. After this dawned on me, I knew that Stephen Chbosky is a genius.

I also think that the way it was written makes the story that much more chilling. This kid is just stating what happens in his letters, and is very blunt about his feelings towards these events, if mentioning them at all. It's almost as if Charlie is scared of everything that life is throwing at him, or doesn't really know what's happening. I don't know, I had a thought that was clear in my head.

Overall, I was so impressed with this book. It really was fantastic, a hauntingly beautiful story. Now I can finally see the movie!

This Song Will Save Your Life: #16; #10

"Elise Dembowski is not afraid of a little hard work. In fact, she embraces it. All her life, she's taken on big, all-encompassing projects. When she's fifteen, she embarks on the biggest, and most important, project of them all: becoming cool: Except she fails. Miserably. And everything falls to pieces.

Now, if possible, Elise's social life is even worse than it was before. Until she stumbles into an underground dance club and opens the door to a world she never knew existed. An inside-out world where, seemingly overnight, a previously uncool high school sophomore can become the hottest new DJ sensation. Elise finally has what she's always wanted: acceptance, friendship, maybe even love. Until the real world threatens to steal it all away.

In a refreshingly genuine and funny voice, Leila Sales delivers an exuberant novel about identity, relationships, and the power of music to bring people together."

This was such a cute story, and really unique; I can honestly say that I've never read a book about DJing before. It was empowering, watching Elise find herself; maybe that's just because I relate to her a lot.

Just One Day: #17; #11

"When sheltered American good girl Allyson first encounters laid-back Dutch actor Willem at an underground performance of Twelfth Night, there's an undeniable spark. So when fate brings them together a second time, Allyson takes an uncharacteristic leap, changes course, and follows Willem to Paris. After just one day together, the spark bursts into a flame . . . until Allyson wakes up after a whirlwind day shocked to discover that Willem is gone.

A life upended in one day turns into a year of self-discovery as Allyson embarks on a journey to break free from a lifetime of limits in order to find her true passions, and maybe even a true love."

Holy f&*@ this was such a good book. I finished it within a few days, and, after I found out that there's a second book from Willem's point of view, immediately put it on hold at the library.

This book was funny, sexy, romantic, witty, and I related to Allyson so much. I'd sell my soul to play her in a movie version.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

#19: Buy a Camera

I have so many things to catch up on and I'm more overwhelmed than Mitt Romney's campaign manager after another public spew of word vomit. Here we go!

For my graduation present, my mom settled on getting me a camera. Like the selfish piece of human garbage that I am, I have been saying that I wanted a camera for a long time. Like, it's been several years. However, even though I graduated in June, actually getting a camera got put on hold until early December. Which was fine; there weren't too many moments I was dying to document.

But I have one now! And I'm super excited! More excited than a crackhead who sees snow for the first time!

After some brief, skimming of photography websites, we settled on the Canon Powershot SX600.

My first two pictures:

She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States...

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Year in Review

2014 has been one of the worst years of my life. So much has changed, and going through this past year has been emotionally and physically exhausting.

So, as thinking about the past year brings up some unwanted and unpleasant emotions, I've decided to answer a list of questions I found on Tumblr instead of write some heartfelt essay about the trials and tribulations of life.


1. Describe your year in one word.


2. Describe your year in three words.

Full of change

3. Describe your year in one sentence.

It's been difficult, but I've learned a lot.

4. Describe your year with song lyrics.

I just spent 13 minutes trying to answer this so I'm going to skip it.

5. Describe your year with a quote.

"This too shall pass."

6. Best memories from 2014?

Visiting Washington DC with my brother was pretty cool.

7. Worst memories from 2014?

Everyday I was depressed and all the unfortunate changes in my appearance.

8. Biggest surprise from 2014?

Showing myself that I am capable of going after my dreams.

9. If you could change one thing about the past year what would it be?

Not having an eating disorder

10. If you could relive one day from 2014 what would it be?

Probably Christmas Day, as it came and went way too quickly

11. What's the strangest thing that happened to you in 2014?

Hitting rock bottom a second time

12. If you got the chance to relive this year would you do it?

Hell no

13. Describe your year with a picture.

14. Who were the most meaningful people in your life this year?

My friend, Jessica.

15. Did any major life changes happen to you?


16. Who's the coolest person you met in 2014?

are cats people

17. Any regrets concerning the past year?


18. What is the most memorable thing that happened to you in 2014?

Gaining some control over my eating disorder

19. Would you say you had a good year?

Is this even a question

20. What's the greatest achievement you made this year?

Getting accepted to four colleges early, although I feel pretty indifferently about it.

21. Name one meaningful song for every month of the year.

This is too strenuous of a question, so I'm just going to say that The Pretty Reckless album that came out this year has gotten me through a lot.

22. What's the best thing someone has said to you this year?

"You have talent." and "I believe in you."

23. What's the worst thing someone has said to you this year?

"You are selfish, rude, and cynical."

24. What's the best gift you have received this year?

I got some Studio Beats headphones for Christmas, those were cool.

25. Best book you read?

Nope, can't choose one. I really enjoyed all the books I read this year.

26. Best TV show you watched?

30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Bob's Burgers, Monk, House (to be fair I had already seen most of these)

27. Best movie you saw in 2014?

A Million Ways to Die in the West

28. Best song you heard in 2014?

All the songs on The Pretty Reckless album

29. Most boring day of the year?


30. Saddest day of the year?

Too many to pick just one

31. Scariest moments in 2014?

Just my all around decline

32. Share the best picture you took in 2014.

See #13

33. Did 2014 meet your expectations?

Hell no

34. Would you say you changed this year?

Hell yes

35. Did this year teach you anything?

Oh, yes. It made every flaw and imperfection that I have known to an astounding level. It taught me that I am a failure and am an acne covered sack of sludge. But it also taught me that I am capable of pushing myself, I am capable of achieving things that I only dream about. It taught me that I have the potential to do great things. 

Thanks for reading, no one!