Monday, January 19, 2015

#21: Buy New Sneakers

101 in 1001

Still overwhelmed at the amount of things that I have to write about. Do you ever realize that you have a shit ton of stuff to do, and are so overwhelmed by that fact that your anxiety is like, "AVOID!" so you just try to push it to the side but then your anxiety is like, "YOU ARE SO BEHIND LOOK AT ALL THAT HAS TO GET DONE" and it's this never ending cycle of avoiding and then getting anxious about avoiding so you avoid that and it's about as fun as a tonsillectomy being done by puppets armed with rusty nails and scissors.


So, I didn't technically buy these. Just as I didn't technically buy my camera. But I'm still counting it, as I am still in the possession of new sneakers and that's all that matters to my cold, materialistic heart.

These were a gift from my brother for Christmas. He did well. Getting these was perfect timing, actually. Before these, I had two pairs of sneakers: one I've had for five years, and the others that were hand-me-downs from my brother (he only wore them for a few months, praise Jesus). I'm too cheap to justify spending upwards of 50 bucks on tennis shoes. But I'll gladly accept anything anyone is willing to give me!

Thanks for reading, no one!


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