Monday, January 19, 2015

#22: Take a Yoga Class

101 in 1001

A big thing has been going on in my life that I've been too scared to really share much about. Long story short, I'm auditioning in New York City and California for colleges. Preparing for everything has been really time-consuming and frustrating, and I really wanted to de-stress myself the week before I left.

Someone I know from work invited me to try Bikram yoga with them, and I thought this would be a perfect thing to do. I've never really done yoga before, but I'd heard that it's really relaxing, which is what I was looking for.

I knew of the hot-aspect with Bikram yoga (you're in a room that's 90 to 104 degrees and 40% humidity), but holy shit I didn't think it would be so awful. You're sweating so much that you're leaving puddles everywhere, your skin is itchy, hairs, whether they're yours or foreign, are sticking all over you, and you're dizzy.

My heart was beating pretty rapidly, but I felt like I was cheating, in a way. I didn't feel like I was exercising at all, just stretching. Granted, I'm not that flexible right now, so that was somewhat of a challenge, but I didn't feel like I was pushing myself so much that it warranted my heart to beat faster than normal.

Plus, after you're done and you leave the room, you just feel disgusting; drenched with sweat, but also shivering because of the rapid drop in temperatures.

So no, I wouldn't say that this type of yoga necessarily helped me relax and de-stress for auditions. If anything, I was more stressed because I just felt so gross.

But, hey! I tried it.

Thanks for reading, no one!


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