Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Year in Review

2014 has been one of the worst years of my life. So much has changed, and going through this past year has been emotionally and physically exhausting.

So, as thinking about the past year brings up some unwanted and unpleasant emotions, I've decided to answer a list of questions I found on Tumblr instead of write some heartfelt essay about the trials and tribulations of life.


1. Describe your year in one word.


2. Describe your year in three words.

Full of change

3. Describe your year in one sentence.

It's been difficult, but I've learned a lot.

4. Describe your year with song lyrics.

I just spent 13 minutes trying to answer this so I'm going to skip it.

5. Describe your year with a quote.

"This too shall pass."

6. Best memories from 2014?

Visiting Washington DC with my brother was pretty cool.

7. Worst memories from 2014?

Everyday I was depressed and all the unfortunate changes in my appearance.

8. Biggest surprise from 2014?

Showing myself that I am capable of going after my dreams.

9. If you could change one thing about the past year what would it be?

Not having an eating disorder

10. If you could relive one day from 2014 what would it be?

Probably Christmas Day, as it came and went way too quickly

11. What's the strangest thing that happened to you in 2014?

Hitting rock bottom a second time

12. If you got the chance to relive this year would you do it?

Hell no

13. Describe your year with a picture.

14. Who were the most meaningful people in your life this year?

My friend, Jessica.

15. Did any major life changes happen to you?


16. Who's the coolest person you met in 2014?

are cats people

17. Any regrets concerning the past year?


18. What is the most memorable thing that happened to you in 2014?

Gaining some control over my eating disorder

19. Would you say you had a good year?

Is this even a question

20. What's the greatest achievement you made this year?

Getting accepted to four colleges early, although I feel pretty indifferently about it.

21. Name one meaningful song for every month of the year.

This is too strenuous of a question, so I'm just going to say that The Pretty Reckless album that came out this year has gotten me through a lot.

22. What's the best thing someone has said to you this year?

"You have talent." and "I believe in you."

23. What's the worst thing someone has said to you this year?

"You are selfish, rude, and cynical."

24. What's the best gift you have received this year?

I got some Studio Beats headphones for Christmas, those were cool.

25. Best book you read?

Nope, can't choose one. I really enjoyed all the books I read this year.

26. Best TV show you watched?

30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Bob's Burgers, Monk, House (to be fair I had already seen most of these)

27. Best movie you saw in 2014?

A Million Ways to Die in the West

28. Best song you heard in 2014?

All the songs on The Pretty Reckless album

29. Most boring day of the year?


30. Saddest day of the year?

Too many to pick just one

31. Scariest moments in 2014?

Just my all around decline

32. Share the best picture you took in 2014.

See #13

33. Did 2014 meet your expectations?

Hell no

34. Would you say you changed this year?

Hell yes

35. Did this year teach you anything?

Oh, yes. It made every flaw and imperfection that I have known to an astounding level. It taught me that I am a failure and am an acne covered sack of sludge. But it also taught me that I am capable of pushing myself, I am capable of achieving things that I only dream about. It taught me that I have the potential to do great things. 

Thanks for reading, no one!


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