Saturday, June 14, 2014

#11: Adopt a Kitten

I'll just be blunt and start off this post by saying that my house can have a rat/mouse problem. It's not like we live in a sketchy area or anything (in fact our neighborhood is one of the more desirable places to live), but all the little creeks and rivers running through the neighborhood seem to attract them.

With that said, my parents like to have a cat around to catch the rats. We got our first cat in August of 2011.

His collar said Shadow, but we really only ever called him Kitty. He had an amazing personality, and all the neighbors loved him. Oftentimes he would plop down in the middle of the street, which was cute only until he was hit and killed by a car (that escalated quickly, huh?). He actually died the first week of school this past Fall, officially making it the second worst first week of school I've ever experienced.

Anyway, we knew that the warmer weather would bring more mice and rats, so we decided to get a new cat. After some debating we decided to not get one, but two! We found an ad on KSL for free kittens and picked up the last two.

Meet Remy and Zeus (named after two of my favorite things: Disney movies and Greek mythology)! They were born late April to a farm cat, who herself hunted mice. Right now we're just getting them accustomed to our house, our yard, and our dog. Because they're still babies and they explore and run around a lot, we're a bit hesitant to give them much outside time (it'd be hard to catch them if they sprinted), but we still try.

I'm really glad we decided to get two; they keep each other entertained, and they're so fun to watch.

Thanks for reading, no one!

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