Monday, June 9, 2014

#7.3: Try 10 New Restaurants; #10.1 - #10.4: Try 10 New Foods

Last night my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate a couple of graduations. I graduated high school, while my brother "graduated" elementary school. I say "graduated" because, come on, he just moved up a grade level.

Now, I didn't take any pictures, only because I was super uncomfortable (there are certain people I really do not get along well with) and I forgot.


Don't think I'm going to leave you without photos. With the description of each thing I will include the very first image that Google pulls up. Enjoy.

I'm in the process of losing weight, so I wanted a cuisine that could accommodate that. Japanese came up as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, and, as I had never had it before, I thought it would be a good choice. My brother approved, as he loves everything about Japanese culture (kind of like how I love everything about French culture). Kyoto is very close to our house. We've drive by it hundreds of times, so now seemed like a perfect time to finally try it.

I tried so many new foods, the first being sushi. The whole raw-fish thing always scared me, so I went with a safe vegetarian option. It was really good and I really enjoyed it. My only issue was the whole thing broke once I took a bite out of it.

I ordered chicken sukiyaki for my entree. For those of you who don't know, sukiyaki is basically a type of stew. Our waitress described the taste as a 'milder teriyaki'. It consisted of rice noodles, chicken, tofu, and onions. It was tough eating this with chopsticks, but overall I really enjoyed it.

My brother ordered this giant bowl of soup filled with different kinds of seafood (I forget the name), and kept pestering me to try everything in it. I broke down and agreed to try some crab, only because I hear it's what rich people eat. It was okay. I'm not much of a fish person (although I will eat salmon all day every day), but this didn't have a bad fishy taste.

The last thing I tried was kamaboko, which was also in my brother's soup of surprises (our cute little nickname for it as every spoonful he ate of it had a different kind of fish). Kamaboko is basically pureed fish molded into a loaf shape, and then sliced. It didn't really have a noticeable taste, but the texture of it turned me off (it was squishy, I'll just leave it at that). I might try it again if it was in a cute shape or something.

Thanks for reading, no one!

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